I’m going to start this blog by letting you all know that my stroke of good fortune in the realm of employment will be continuing for at least another week, so my internet-related endeavours will continue to be put on hold until I can allocate enough spoons to them. I really wish I was able to do both, but my body is not ready.

In fact, my body wasn’t ready for full-time work either. I got through my first week relatively unscathed, but it didn’t take long for the ills to rear their ugly heads. I had to take Monday off because of a fever and general feeling of unwellness, but it was Thursday when things really took a turn for the worst.

In the middle of my shift, a fibro flare hit me like a freight train. I was a bit more tired than usual before my shift, but because I am always tired I thought nothing of it and went to work. I didn’t think doing this was going to end with me crying on the floor of the break room, hoping the pain would go away so I could finish my shift.

I couldn’t…

A 6 to 8 minute bike ride became a 20 minute one that night, and I was tearing up almost all the way home. Not only because I was in a lot of pain, but also because I had to leave work because of my chronic illnesses. This is something I’ve always been really scared of happening because I am a good employee ignoring the whole illness part, but employers will only see the illness part and think poorly of me.

Thankfully, my employer has been really nice and understanding about it and I have been offered more work despite my absences, and even better, the work is about to become part-time which will be easier on my idiot body.

I am still in a lot of pain, but I gave my body a good rest yesterday by sleeping until 4pm and spending today doing as little as possible. I’m hoping the pain will continue to subside so I’m ready for week three of work on Monday.

So yeah. I’m still around, but dealing with a fibro flare and being employed. I guess that’s all I have to say about that.


Here it is. The holiday blog I promised in my last blog!

On Day 1, we were given an amazing tour of the city by Adastra and her partner. If you’re ever in Düsseldorf or Cologne and want a tour guide that isn’t going to bore you half to death, let me know and I’ll get you in contact with them! I’m not just saying that because they’re friends either. It was truly a highlight of our trip.

Our tour wasn’t only just about the history of the city, but also, much to the delight of Sam, a brewery tour. Because that’s just how you roll in Germany.

Day 2 in Düsseldorf was unfortunately a day of rest, because I felt a wee bit under the weather. We did get out for traditional German dinner though, which was great. I am a HUGE fan of Western European food because I’m a basic bitch. Deal with it.


Day 3 began with a bus ride back into the Netherlands, where we spent a night in Maastricht. We went to the Natural History Museum there, which was surprisingly good for a small city. After that, we went for a walk around the city, and marvelled at just how beautiful it is. Definitely the prettiest place we’ve been since moving to Europe!

Dinner that night was at a traditional Dutch/Limburg restaurant where we had ‘Zoervleis’ (translates to sour meat, and is a stew), which tasted suspiciously like the stew my mum makes, so now I’m wondering if maybe the recipe was passed down from a Limburgish ancestor?!?


Day 4, we left Maastricht for Belgium. We stayed in Brussels, but we didn’t really explore the city. As soon as we got settled in, we took a train to Veltem (a town just out of Leuven) to see Sam’s host family (as mentioned in the last blog). We spent the afternoon just chatting, before continuing on to Leuven, where Sam did all of his socialising when he was there.

Our dinner was ‘friet met stoofvlees’ (fries with beef stew) from a frituur (fry shop) that Sam remembers from one of his drunken nights out in Leuven. While we were there, the town was very busy due to the BELvSWE football game. New Zealand gets crazy about the rugby, but it’s really nothing compared to the European love of football.

On our way back to Brussels, the train was diverted away from the airport station, and when we got to Central, we were only able to exit through the main doors as they had closed all of the other doors. There wasn’t an officially announced reason for it, but as the large presence of armed police directing people away from the “square” in front of the station suggested that something was happening around there. Someone on Twitter said it was an unoccupied suitcase. Either way, it was definitely an experience!


Our last full day of our holiday was spent in Bruges, which I am going to call Brugge from now on because I don’t understand how the French name is what its known by internationally when it’s a Flemish town with Dutch-only signage.

So… Brugge. I really wanted to climb the belfry, but my feet and legs were busted from the large amount of walking we did the day before, so I decided against it. Additionally, they charge €10 to climb it? That’s like paying to go to the gym. Pfft.

We ended up visiting the Fries Museum and the Chocolate Museum. Both involved stairs, but like the true fatty I am, I managed THOSE ones. Both museums were interesting, but I definitely preferred the chocolate museum. We stopped at the same chocolate store Sam brought chocolate from the last time he visited Brugge on the way back to the station.

Dinner that night was somewhat disappointing. We went to the restaurant on the bottom floor of the apartment we were staying at (our Airbnb host gave us free beer vouchers), and the food there was sub-par. Particularly the chips. They were stale and undercooked at the same time… and being Belgium, it was a disgrace to their country!

The Pigs Are In Flight

I’m back! But while I was away on holiday, I got some news that is going to briefly alter my plans for the blog. It’s good news though.

I have been offered a temporary position with Sam’s company, and although it’s just a temp position, it’s full time. This means all my spoons will be allocated to that and I will most likely not have time to work on all the blog-related things I had planned.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the position is for two weeks, and the hours are strange (2pm-10pm).

So, this means that I will most likely not blog for those two weeks as well as skip the first two or three weeks of ‘Plan With Me’ videos I was really looking forward to filming and sharing.

I will be posting the blog about my holiday tomorrow or Sunday, and I will try to get the video I had attempted to film before the holiday done while Sam is out on Sunday, but other than that, I may be radio silent for a while.

I’m not really off to a great start with this new blog, am I? Haha.

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